Yarrow tea: Achilles’ herb

Hyde Park: Following from my fantastic experience on a foraging course earlier in July (courtesy of totallywild) , I picked some yarrow in Hyde Park and discovered it makes the most delicious tea.

When picking yarrow you have to make sure you have correctly identified the plant as the flowers can look a bit like hemlock which is poisonous (apparently kills you by making you numb from the feet upwards, travelling through your body but leaving a grimace on your face when you die… pleasant stuff!). The key is in the leaves.

To make the tea I just put a small clump of flowers and a strand of leaves in a cup and cover with hot water. The subtle taste is delicious.

Upon research Yarrow has been used throughout history for a range of health benefits including circulation, blood pressure,  bringing down a fever and to stop bleeding. It’s also reportedly the magical herb Achilles covered his body in except for his heel…. I think I’ll stick to the tea for now!

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